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If you need assistance with your username or password, please contact the ITS Service Desk. The Service Desk staff will need your first name, last name, and university ID (not your Social Security Number, starts with 918). Please specify that you are attempting to login to Blackboard Learn.

ITS Service Desk

Phone: 541-885-1470
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time

System Announcements

  • Avoid using Internet Explorer and possibly Edge (Monday, September 25, 2017)

    Please avoid using Internet Explorer with Blackboard. We have found that many unexplained problems are resolved by using a different browser. You can use it if you really prefer that browser, but switch to a different browser if you start having problems in Blackboard.  Even though Blackboard should work with all browsers, we have discovered that it is best to use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Note that Internet Explorer is not installed by default on Windows 10 computers. The browser that is installed by default now is called Microsoft Edge. This new browser could also have some issues with Blackboard but may work better than Internet Explorer.

    Any time you have a problem in Blackboard, you should try another browser to see if it fixes the issue.  We often switch between Firefox and Chrome when we find that something won't work in one browser.  All browsers are updated frequently and some features may not work as well right after they are updated, but in a few days the issue may go away.

  • Warnings - My Grades area and Calendar (Monday, September 18, 2017)

    Please be aware that there are two items that may cause students to not see upcoming items that are due.  

    My Grades - Please do not use this area as your method of watching for upcoming items that are due.  It does not list any item that has specific availability dates set up.  So if your instructor has an item set to not display until a future day, you will not see it listed in the My Grades area until that day arrives.  Also if you don't turn in an item that had specific dates it was available, you won't see the missed item in your My Grades area.  You should use the class syllabus to track due dates

    Calendar - The calendar tool is not used in all classes.  Some faculty may even hide it from you in their class.  However you can still see a global calendar, which lists all of your classes, in a couple of areas outside of your class such as on the first page you see after logging into Blackboard.  Only items that have a due date assigned to them will show in this calendar.  Even then some items may not display depending on the settings for that item.  If you choose to view the calendar, be aware that not every item may be listed and definitely don't rely on it for any class that you don't see the calendar option displaying when you open the class.  The syllabus is the best item to use to track what is due.

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